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07/12/2016 ( Annual Leave )

Our site is closed from 07.12.2016 to 29.07.2016 for annual leave , all orders are for time, shall be treated as 29.7.2016 ... Good Holidays

12/25/2015 (Important Information)

Our site will be closed from 5 January 2016 to 5 February 2016 for major changes in various fields , waiting to meet you we wish you a happy new year 2016 and our best wishes for health and happiness .

11/22/2015 (Important Information)

Due to the problems that Belgium is experiencing, all our parcels left our depot with the delay, do not worry about not seeing your package arrived right away. Thank you for your understanding

10/23/2015 (Important Information)

As you may have already learned a stopworking action is underway in the sorting centers of the Belgian post. This could unfortunately affect delivery times of your packages. We strive to that generated nuisances are minimized.

We apologize for the inconvenience

03/01/2014 ( D-Pharma )

Family in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Someone sick ? Pay your medicines in Belgium and your family can withdraw it in Kinshasa a few hours later ( up to 24hrs ) for only 5 euro !! No more delay worries, postage worries, ..

12/15/2014 ( D-Pharma )

Website maintenance , no commands are processed btw 15 December 2014 and 15 January 2015 .

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Good Health for 2015 .

Mobile version and application available for our website !!!

Google Store : D-Pharma

Apple Store : D-Pharma

04/02/2014 ( D-Pharma )


We work to improve our site and make it more Community: - Apllication iPhone and Android
                                                                                                            - Blog medical article and discussion
                                                                                                            - Tool after each order you will get a mail for an evaluation

12/17/2013 ( D-Pharma )

Promotion Christmas 2013
- 5% on all orders placed before January 1, 2014... To Get it during order use the Promo Code: NOEL2013 and confirm with the button " OK "
- 10% on all orders McDavid placed before January 1, 2014... To Get it during order use the Promo Code: MCDAV2013 and confirm with the button " OK "

12/02/2013 ( D-Pharma )

Exceptional leave to manager commands from 12. 03 .13 to 12.07.13, but you can always order the packages will be shipped on the date of 12.07.2013

Thank you for your understanding

Shortage of vaccine against the flu everyone is affected 

10/23/2013 ( D-Pharma )

Our pharmacy is now open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00!

22/10/2013 ( D-Pharma )

Site available again with completely new functionalities:

- Mobile and tablet compatibility
- New functionalities
- Page ACTU health information and information about the site
- New products with new versions
- Availability of the site
Cream Widmer Pigmanorm back in stock
- ....

Thank you for your patience